Digitally Empowering India’s
Local Self Service Shops

Indian Culture Specific Innovative Billing Platform (Patent Pending)

DigitalBillZ is a path breaking, Indian Culture specific Innovative Digital Billing Platform for all Self Service Shops in India. It empowers India’s self-service local retail shops with easy to use customer self-serviceable Billing Solution.

How DigitalBillZ helps
Retail Shop Owners

DigitalBillz Platform will empower local self – serviceable retail shops or retail Chains with a state of the art Innovative Digital Billing Platform and reduce the Shop running cost by whooping 40%. DigitalBillz Platform can also be easily integrated to your existing Billing Solutions.

To Start trail for your shop,

"To know how to install Merchant App, Please see the video demo here"

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Increase Profit by saving 40% on Shop Operational cost*.


Skip Queues in Shops by Billing Yourself


24x7 Shop Operation with low Cost of operation.


Reduces POS employees and their dependencies.


If any of your favourite self service shop is not registered with DigtialBillz Platform, you can request it by

To know how to Install Customer App , Please see the video demo here"

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DigitalBillz Provides the following two choices of Shopping to customers.

Community Marketplace :

Sitting at the comfort of your home, now you can do shopping from Self-Help Groups, Women entrepreneurs, Organic Producers and Small Scale sellers from your own local community. It can also include the fruits and vegetables that grows in your garden. You can sell it to your local community. Your Community Sellers can have either a Physical Store or even a Virtual Store (without physical store). You will get both choices of either Door Delivery or pick-up from the store.

DigitalBillz - Self Service Billing :

DigitalBillz is a Self Service Billing Platform empowers you to bill yourself by skipping the queue in any of the retail Self Service Shops, that supports our DigitalBillz platform using one single app.

Start Enjoying the benefits by downloading the Digitalbillz app from Google play Store or Apple Store.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Benefits for Customers?

Customers gets the most benefits.
1. DigitalBillz will start supporting all Self Service shops in the near future. So Customers can use, one app for all Shops.
2. Customers will also get additional Discount of upto 5%, if they use the DigitalBillz Platform for their daily bills.
3. Customers can review and store the bills of all shops in one place, ie. in their mobilephone itself.

Currently Customers can print the Bills and pay using the shop's existing payment methods like Google Pay or any other payment method. In the near future, Customers will be able to pay using DigitalBillz Platform itself.

If the Shops, supports door delivery of goods, then yes, you can re-order from your Bill history, in the near future.

DigitalBillz Platform is absolutely free to download for Customers doing shopping in Self service retail stores.

DigitalBillz Customer App Installation
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